In my career, I have experienced several occasions where special help intervened in the situation I was facing. Here are a few of those instances of special help from a Helper.

Scene 1

I had just started my career as a software engineer and we received our first project assignment soon after the training period. Our team comprised two seniors and the rest of us freshers, who had just completed the training. My engineering graduation was in electronics so the kind of work I had to do was completely new. But by God’s grace, with the help of mentors and team members, I was able to complete my first project assignment. Our team had completed all the tasks and on the final day we had moved our deliverables to the customer environment. In that environment, my piece of work encountered errors. My seniors also tried to resolve it but nothing worked. It was around 2am early morning and no solution was in sight. At that moment I suddenly remembered about a helper who had helped me in studies, exams and other tough times. I prayed to the Holy Spirit and asked for his help. Then based on the inspirations that came into my mind, I updated just one line of the code. To my surprise it started working. That moment I realised that the Holy Spirit was also a good software engineer! Till that moment I had restricted the Holy Spirit as a helper for my studies or as a person giving gifts and charisms. While I previously thought that software engineering was only for next-gen people like us, there is no one more updated and next-gen like the Holy Spirit!

Scene 2

During an office break, I was on my way to the coffee corner in our office but suddenly felt like going to another food shop nearby. When I reached there I saw a colleague from my firm sitting by himself at a table. We only had a ‘hi-bye’ friendship and nothing more, but after buying food, I went up to him, with his permission, sat at his table and started talking. In no time at all, he began to share about his challenges, the depression he was battling,  its medications, and more… Normally he is a reserved character so his sharing caught me off guard, and I didn’t know what to say; I am also not an expert in giving advice or counselling. But he was just looking for a trusted person to share his problems. I prayed to the Holy Spirit and was prompted to be a good listener to him. That initiated a new friendship and he inspired me to  start a Rosary group in our office.  That incident motivated me to carry on the Jesus Youth professional ministry activities more fervently. I thanked the Holy Spirit for leading me to that food shop and to spend time with my colleague.

Scene 3

As a manager, I have to assign responsibilities to my team members. There came a situation when I had to assign a new responsibility. The role was very important for our team and was also a good opportunity for the person who would get to do it. I had two choices of which one person was my friend. Initially my inclination was to assign the responsibility to my friend but I prayed to the Holy Spirit to help me make the right decision that would benefit our organisation. I received the conviction that the authority that I had over both the team members came from God, and that I should avoid favouritism and personal preferences. So the decision had to be taken in such a way to reflect what God would do if he were in my role. I finally assigned the responsibility to the one who was not my friend. Later I realised that it was a great decision and thanked  the Holy Spirit for guiding me.

The Holy Spirit is always a good helper irrespective of situations or areas of concern. But many times we forget him, especially in our workplace. The Holy Spirit guides those who work to bring Godly traits to their workplace. He can bring quality to our tasks and excellence in our work. The Holy Spirit helps us to do our work just like God did.

Published in Kairos English Magazine – July 2022

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